What You Need To Know About Appliance Repair And The Holidays

What types of appliance repair services do you need before the holidays are in full swing? Whether you have dozens of Christmas cookies to bake or you need to prepare the holiday meal, take a look at the top services to schedule ahead of your family's celebration.

Refrigerator Service

Before you stock the fridge and freezer with goodies that can potentially spoil, make sure the appliance cools the food correctly. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), you'll need to set the refrigerator at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below and the freezer to zero degrees Fahrenheit to keep your food safe.

If either part of this kitchen appliance doesn't cool completely or correctly, contact the service technician as soon as possible. The professional has the expertise, experience, and equipment necessary to diagnose the problem and fix it before the holidays arrive.

Oven Service

Does your oven heat correctly? If not, you need to call the appliance service technician before the baking, braising, and broiling begins. Not only can the technician make sure the appliances cook your food thoroughly, but the professional can also check for gas leaks (if you have a gas appliance) and other potential safety hazards.

Stovetop Service

Along with the oven, it's likely you need a working stovetop to prepare your holiday meal or keep a house filled with out-of-town guests happy and well-fed. Whether the burner is clogged, an electric element won't heat, you smell gas (again, if you have a natural gas-burning appliance), or the stovetop has another issue, the service professional can evaluate and repair your appliance ASAP.

Garbage Disposal Service

Have you already started the holiday meal prep? Did you accidentally drop a chicken bone, coffee grounds, oil, or fatty stock down the garbage disposal? If the disposal has a clog, broken blades, won't turn, or has another issue, you need expert help.

Don't use the appliance until the technician can diagnose and repair the disposal. Failure to properly repair this sink appliance will only add to the problem.

Laundry Service

Kitchen appliances aren't the only source of pre-holiday service calls. From holiday table linens to the hand towels your guests will use, your washer and dryer are about to get a major workout. If your washer seems sluggish and your dryer doesn't heat to its fullest potential, contact a service professional for maintenance or a repair.

A pre-holiday service call can make your holidays easier. Skip the stress of a mid-meal oven issue or the anxiety of a fridge on the fritz and schedule your appliance's service right now.

For more information about appliance repair, contact a company like Appliance 911.

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