Are You Remodeling Your Bathroom?

Have you decided that it's past time to give your bathroom a facelift? Are you trying to get the bathroom remodel job done before Christmas? If so, you are more than likely a bit stressed about accomplishing your remodeling goal. From finding professionals to do the jobs you can't do to assessing what you can do toward your kitchen remodel job, here are some ideas that might help.

For The Professionals - Have you been thinking about having the bathtub in your bathroom refinished? Perhaps you have seen adds that show Before And After photographs and you have been amazed at what you saw. Those pictures are true.

Professionals will have the training and the experience to make your old bathtub look like it did when you purchased it in the first place or the way it looked when you moved into your home. Whether it's stains or whether it needs a totally new refinishing job, you will more than likely discover that having your bathtub refinished is a lot more affordable than you thought it would be. Part of the refinishing job might even include new bathtub fixtures.

If so, you'll have the fun of selecting the bathtub hardware you have always wanted. Consider ornate brass fixtures for an elegant look. If you want something very contemporary, consider chrome or pewter fixtures with a sleek design. 

For You To Do - Are you handy with a paintbrush? If so, consider painting your wooden bathroom cabinets. If you want to add drama to the bathroom, consider selecting something like turquoise for the cabinet paint. If you want something more subdued, think of selecting off-white or eggshell blue for the cabinet paint.

Will you also be painting the walls? If you want something truly unique, think of faux painting the walls to look like marble or even leather. Part of the fun of remodeling your bathroom will more than likely be in selecting things like new towels. As you shop, consider the color of the cabinets. For example, if you selected to add drama by painting them turquoise, think of choosing off-white towels and having a turquoise colored monogram added.

If you went with a subtle color for your cabinetry paint, consider buying brighter colored towels and add the subtle color of your wall paint as the monogram color. Another idea is to select two different colors for your towels. By doing so, you and your spouse will always know which towel is yours.

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