Maintain That Brilliant Shine: How to Care for Your Marble Floor

Marble is one of the most beautiful materials you can use for your flooring. It's long-lasting, durable, and makes any home look more luxurious. However, marble does need to be given plenty of tender, loving care. Without proper care and maintenance, the brilliant shine can disappear, leaving your marble floor looking dull and lifeless. You can protect your investment and ensure a brilliant shine year after year, by following the marble cleaning tips provided here.

Damp is Always Best

If you're used to cleaning tile or vinyl flooring, you're probably used to using a wet mop for cleaning. While wet is always best for those types of floors, it's not so good for marble flooring. In fact, when it comes to marble flooring, damp is always best. If you use a wet mop on marble flooring, the excess moisture can seep into the stone, leading to discoloration and damage. Instead, always use a mop that is just barely damp.

Use the Right Water

When cleaning marble flooring, it's important to use the right water. Ordinary tap water can be too harsh for marble, especially if your residential water contains high levels of hard minerals. To avoid discoloration and a dull residue, always use distilled water when cleaning your marble flooring. It's also important that you avoid harsh chemical cleaning agents, as well. For the most brilliant, long-lasting shine, stick to a mild, non-ionic cleaning agent.

Clean Spills and Stains Immediately

When it comes to caring for marble flooring, it's important to remember that spills can turn to stains very quickly. To avoid that problem, it's best to clean spills up as soon as they happen. To clean spills up, use a clean soft cloth to blot the area until the liquid is completely removed. If a colored liquid has spilled, wipe the liquid away, rinse the area with a small amount of distilled water, and dry the area completely with a clean, soft cloth. Be sure to repeat the process each time you're faced with a spill.

Emergencies Require Professional Care

If you're faced with an emergency situation with your marble flooring, such as occurs during a residential flood or house fire, it's best to leave the cleanup and restoration to the professionals. Marble restoration after a disaster requires precise care and handling. One mistake could leave you with permanently discolored and damaged marble. If your marble floor needs to be restored, contact a restoration professional near you.

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