Want To Learn More About Marine Repair Work? Where To Go And Who To Ask

Fixing a boat is fixing a boat; fixing a ship or a submarine, now that's marine repair work. If you are intrigued and want to learn more about how many historic ships and submarines have been maintained over the decades, there are places to go and people to ask. Try any of the following places and asking any of the following people.

The Wisconsin Maritime Museum

Most people would not associate Wisconsin as a ship-building state. That is not surprising. What should surprise you is that almost thirty submarines in WWII were made in a small coastal town of Wisconsin and all of these submarines were launched into the Great Lakes via Lake Michigan before they were driven up, around and through international waters to go to war.

A museum has been erected in this town so that you can go there and talk to people about expert marine repair. You can also tour a live submarine from the second World War, which has been well-maintained for the past eighty years. A battleship for tours is harbored close by, in case you have even more questions about boat maintenance.

The Aircraft Carrier Museums

Three very famous aircraft carriers have also become museums. It took tens of millions of dollars to turn these ships into museums, and millions more are required for their upkeep every year. Thankfully, tickets sold for you to tour these aircraft carriers in New York City, San Diego, and Mount Pleasant, S.C., is what provides the military with the means to maintain these massive floating pieces of history. The tour guides can tell you all about the welding, painting, sealing, patching, and engine up keep as you take your tour.

Still Craving More? Over Twenty Battleships Are Available to Tour and Answer Your Marine Repair Questions

There is literally dozens of ships-turned-museums in this country alone that you can tour and learn about marine repair and maintenance. When you think you have finally heard all you can hear, do not forget to talk to the people that actually do the maintenance on these ships. Ask them how many hours it takes, what kinds of educational courses you can take to make you a better amateur boat repair-person, etc. They have to be well-versed in what it takes to do their jobs, so they will know what else you need to learn if you are going to repair or restore your own giant boat.

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