Three Steps To Restoring An Old Basement After A Flood

A basement is the first place to develop standing water if the house becomes flooded. If you keep your washer and dryer set inside of the basement, there is also the possibility that the basement will flood in the event of a malfunction. No matter the reason why your basement flooded, you will need to be able to get it back in working order after a flood. Here are three things that you need to do to restore an old basement into a living space after you have dealt with flooding. 

Get fans and open up the windows and doors

After you have the water removed from the space, you need to dry out the room entirely. Have a repair firm place construction fans inside of the room to dry out the space. Drying out the basement with fans and by keeping the windows opened will remove any traces of moisture that allow mold to grow. The faster the room dries out, the easier it will be to begin the reconstruction work that the basement will need. Check the HVAC system to make sure that it is clean and operational and without any mold growth. 

Take up the floors and perform mold damage restoration

If the basement completely flooded, it is best to be safe rather than sorry. Take up all of the floors in the basement, whether it is carpet or wood. Taking up the floors will allow the mold restoration firm to destroy mold that was embedded in the floors and corners. The restoration may also need to check behind walls and in cabinets in order to get rid of mold spores. After the mold restoration work, put down brand new flooring to start the basement fresh. This will ensure that your family will be safe and healthy when the inside of the basement. 

Redo the walls and insulation

One of the places that can hold mold during a flood is the walls. Have a construction firm take apart the walls and replace the insulation. Get waterproof insulation in order to keep the lowest room in your home dry and keep mold from being able to propagate inside of the walls. After replacing the insulation, reseal and repaint the walls with a color that matches the interior of the rest of your home. If you prefer an added level of protection, install wall paneling inside of the basement and ceiling. From there, you can decorate the basement to become a usable room and living areas. 

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