Where There's Smoke: 3 Household Items You Might Be Able To Repair After Fires

Fire is one of the least predictable and most damaging natural disasters that can happen to your home. A fire can rip through your home in minutes, leaving everything burned, singed, or at least coated with a thick film of ash and smoke. With so much destruction, how do you know what you can salvage and use again even after the fire? If you're wondering exactly what household items you can repair after a fire in your home, then here's what you need to know.

Wooden Furniture

Furniture covered with fabrics will probably need to be thrown away, since it's really hard to get that burned smell out of upholstery, let alone the black soot. For wooden furniture, however, as long as it's not too burned, you'll probably be able to restore and reuse it. Minor fire damage can probably get redone by hand, but you may want to take your furniture to a furniture restorer if you don't have experience or if the damage is extensive enough that entire sections will need to be replaced. A fire damage restoration company can help you determine if it's salvageable.


Phones, tablets, gaming consoles, video games -- all of these things might get damaged in the fire, but most of them can be repaired if the damage isn't too extensive. For example, smoke can clog the airflow in your gaming console, causing the inside to heat up when you attempt to play it and make it not work. You can help repair this damage by taking off the front cover of your console and cleaning the vent out of any smoke and dust particles. If the damage is too bad, you may need to take it to a console repair shop.


Tchotchkes, figurines, pictures, and picture frames -- if they're small and not made out of paper or fabric, there's a high chance that you can save them. While fire can dull or scorch the paint on these knick-knacks, a coating of paint, a bit of sanding, or even a good soap-and-water wash can help you get your little display items back into pre-fire shape.

Things to Remember

While a fire can destroy a lot of your prized possessions, it is possible to save some of them and get many more years of use out of them post-fire. Just remember -- it's more important that you're safe than that your things are safe when a fire breaks out, and that there are experts to assist in any fire damage restoration for those things that can be saved after the blaze.

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