How To Save Your Clothes From The Smoke Odor After A House Fire

If you've recently had the awful experience of dealing with a fire in your home, you may now be going through your belongings to see what you'll be able to salvage and what you should throw out. If some of your clothes are slightly damaged from the smoke of the fire, it may be possible for you to repair them. Although the clothes may have a heavy smoke smell, there are a few different things you can do to get rid of that odor instead of just throwing your valuable outfits away.

Soak Your Clothes in Vinegar

Before you attempt to throw your smoke damaged fabric in the washing machine to get rid of that odor, consider soaking them in a basin full of distilled vinegar for about an hour. The vinegar does have a strong scent, but it works well as a deodorizer. Fill a plastic basin to the top with the distilled vinegar and then place as many pieces of clothing in the basin as you can. Wait an hour, remove the clothes, and place them inside your sink, rinsing them off with cold water. After you've rinsed them with water, you may no longer notice the scent of smoke and you may only be able to smell the vinegar.

Add a Special Ingredient in the Washing Machine

Once you've rinsed the vinegar off of your clothes, place them in the washing machine. Add the usual amount of laundry detergent and fabric softener that you would add when washing your clothes. However, before you close the lid on the machine and get that cycle started, sprinkle a tablespoon of baking soda into the machine. Baking soda is known for its ability to eliminate odors. It'll work just as good at removing any possible scent of smoke that may have been left behind on your clothes.

As soon as the cycle finishes, remove your clothes from the washing machine and smell them. If you can no longer smell the smoke, throw them in the dryer or hang them up on the line like you normally would. If you still smell a bit of smoke, wash them again in your washing machine with another tablespoon of baking soda. If you're patient enough, this process will work out well for you, and you'll get to save some of your favorite clothes instead of trashing them.

After dealing with a fire in the home, you may have gone through your belongings and found some clothes that were damaged by the smoke. If they're still in decent condition, but have a strong smoke odor, soak them in vinegar and then wash them in your washing machine with your usual detergent, fabric softener, and some baking soda to get rid of the odor and save your clothes.

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