What To Do When You Have A Home Flood

Whether it's a backed up septic tank, busted pipe or some other mishap – a home flood never falls on a homeowner's wish list. If you experience a flood in your home, try not to panic. As bad as the situation might look at first, there is a hope for your home and your belongings. However, how well the aftermath of the flood goes has a lot to do with your efforts early on. If your home experiences a flood, make sure you know what to do.

Turn Off The Electricity

Make sure you turn off the electricity in your home to better ensure your safety. This is especially important if there are large areas of standing water within your home. Within this standing water, there are appliances and other devices plugged into an electrical source. If you or someone else comes in contact with this water, electrocution can occur. The best way to eliminate this risk is to shut the power off.

Grab Valuables

Try to grab any of your valuable, salvageable or difficult to replace belongings as quickly as you can. Family heirlooms, electronics and other high-value items generally fall within this category. Often, if you can collect these items promptly, you can escape damage to them. This won't just you save money on restoration costs, but also help return your home back to normal in a shorter amount of time.

Remove The Water

If you can do so safely, try to remove as much of the water from the flood as you can. For instance, if there is water on the bathroom floor from a backed-up toilet, mop the floor to remove some of the water. If you can't remove all the water, this is not the end of the world. Simply removing some of the water can help minimize the level of damage you sustain to your property.

Contact Help

As soon as you recognize a flood, contact a water damage restoration service. Bacteria growth and significant water damage can happen in a relatively short amount of time. The longer you wait to contact a professional, the longer the time before they arrive at your home and the more damage that will occur. Before you do anything, contact the company so they can start making preparations to come out to your home.

Remember your efforts play an important part in minimizing damage to your home. Make sure you are doing your part to protect your home.

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